What is sag?

When a rider sits on their bike, the suspension moves down or “sags” under the riders weight. Sag is the amount that the suspension compresses from fully extended with the rider on the bike. How much the bike sags depends on several factors, the spring rate, sprung weight of the bike and rider, and how much pre-load is on the spring. Sag affects chassis geometry/handling, braking, and acceleration! Making sure you have the proper spring rates and sag set, is imperative! This is an area you DO NOT want to skimp on.

I’ve never checked my rider sag, is this important?

YES! Extremely important! Not only will checking your rider sag determine if you have the correct rate spring rate for you and your bike but will drastically effect the way your bike handles. Please do yourself a huge favor and check this, you’ll be very happy that you did, especially on bikes without a linkage (KTM PDS bikes)

Why is measuring my sag important?

Measuring your rider sag and free sag is the single most important thing, and should be the very first step in tuning your suspension. In doing so, you’ll ensure that your bike maintains the correct geometry that the engineers intended it on having, improve/adjust chassis balance, and take full advantage of the stroke of suspension. Watch our video here:   Also, check out: How to adjust sag 

Do you offer suspension lowering services?

Yes, we specialize in suspension lowering services to all Dual Sport Bikes as well as Dirt Bikes and custom applications. We have lowering kits available in many different sizes -1″, -1.25:, -2″, -2.5″ as well as custom amounts too. Please call 928-362-1486 if you’d like some recommendations, we’re here to help!” for most bikes.

Can I lower just my rear shock?

Yes, lowering your rear shock is possible by itself without modifications to the forks. This has been done for many years and helps lower the bike to either help/correct geometry issues (on certain models) or just plain makes it easier to touch the ground. However, THIS WILL reduce your bikes ability to turn and handle as sharp. This would work good in a high speed desert, or dual sport scenario. Hiking the forks up in the triple clamps will yield extremely ill handling characteristics, we strongly recommend you do not do this to “lower” the front.

What are some of the advantages of having my bike lowered?

It may mean the difference of being able to ride, or not! Lower center of gravity, better handling, improved cornering, easier to swing a leg over, geometry fixes, allows you to “dab” your feet in technical section, just plain more comfortable.

What are some of the disadvantages of lowering my bike?

Decreased ground clearance, decreased cornering clearance, decreased suspension travel.

Are the modifications you do permanent?

No, all modifications are performed using stock or aftermarket components to achieve the desired height and are NEVER permanently altered.

Do I need shorter fork springs for lowering services?

Yes, shorter fork springs are required to maintain proper spring pre-load.

Do you recommend a lowering link?

Simply put, no.”Lowering links” not only change the geometry, they are generally longer, which then in turn makes the initial part of the shock stroke extremely stiff. They also create more travel, and in some extreme cases can send the tire through the fender. Keep it stock, make sure you have the correct rate springs, and lower the bike internally.

I crashed or laid the bike over, now my suspension all of a sudden seems deflective and harsh, is there something wrong with my suspension?

Chances are (depending on the severity) No. What happens is that the front end gets bound up and needs re-set. Loosen your lower triple clamp bolts and the lower right axle pinch bolts that the fork leg slides on. Then proceed to push down the front end while holding the front brake in. Re-torque fasteners to factory specifications and enjoy. If you bars are still twisted, then loosen up the top clamp, straighten your bars, then re-torque to spec.

Does Moto Lab do custom bike builds?

YES! We work with you start to finish to create exactly what purpose built bike that your looking for. Trail riding, Baja, Enduro-X, Desert, Enduro, Motocross, Super Moto, and our specialty: Dual Sport

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