Here are a few good tips to help easily ship your suspension.

  1. Call 928-362-1486 or e-mail us at and let us know your suspension is on it’s way. This way we can be sure to have all parts here for your custom order, to ensure a quick turnaround.
  2. Fill out the suspension request form and include the completed form (you will receive a PDF in your email) with suspension.
  3. Please, Remove fork bleeders or expansion chambers and put the stock screws back in (If available, if not, cover with plastic bag and tape to prevent leaking).
  4. Wrap leaking fork seals with a garbage bag or paper towel.
  5. When using a shipping case, wrap forks and shock in a single layer of bubble wrap or towel, and then zip tie the locking loops, then, please WRAP TAPE AROUND THE LATCHES to prevent opening.
  6. Label the outside of the case “MOTORCYCLE  PARTS”

As you can see, a double gun case is a cheap, great way to protect your dirt bike suspension without incident! Bubble wrap is not 100% necessary with the gun case, but does provide extra insurance.

Properly packed and ready to ship! (600x800)



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