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Here at Moto Lab, we strive to be your best resource for quality Husqvarna / KTM parts, accessories, expert suspension tuning, and professional advice. Our purpose is to help you make your ride the best it can be! Call or text us at: 928-362-1486 or, info@motolabdirtbikes.com


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Our mission here at Moto Lab is to help clients achieve their highest level of comfort, confidence, and deliver top level personalized dirtbike suspension performance. We offer our clients customized lowering services, personalized spring rates, custom internal fork and shock re-valve, fork seal replacement, factory quality SKF seal replacement, and much more! We specialize in KTM suspension revalves but we can, and will, gladly work on every other suspension brand as well!

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What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

I have sent both my Ktm 250 and 530 to Motolab for suspension work. Im super impressed how Rob of Motolab tailored the setup directly to my riding. Spending time one on one identifying and applying the proper suspension valving setup with Motolab made the process so easy. The consistent engagement and information shared on my suspension with Motolab really allowed my riding to step up another level. I will not hesitate to bring my current and future bikes to Motolab.

Cory S.

Intermediate B - Offroad

The first real ride on my new Moto Lab suspension was at the Snowshoe GNCC in West Virginia, regarded as one of the toughest races on the east coast. I put the suspension to the most extreme test that I could think of and after 3.5 hrs of racing, I came away really impressed with how my 530 handled the terrain. […] I was really impressed with how the bike handled the heavy breaking and acceleration bumps, nothing like being able to put all the power of a 530 to the ground without getting bucked around. Talking to Rob beforehand laid out a solid foundation for what I demanded in a suspension revalve. Turnaround was fast, prices were excellent and a better overall product than what I’ve had in the past from a well known east coast suspension shop. East coast approved!

Kyle M.

Expert A - Offroad